The BrainSTEPS Program was created by the PA Department of Health in 2007, and is implemented by the Brain Injury Association of PA. BrainSTEPS is currently funded by the PA Department of Health and the PA Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education through the PaTTAN network.

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The BrainSTEPS teams are based in the educational Intermediate Units which follow a school calendar. BrainSTEPS teams are off for the summer break. Any student referrals made from June 1, 2017 - September 4, 2017 (Labor Day) will be followed up on after the team leaders return to work for the 2017-2018 school year.

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About BrainSTEPS

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Pennsylvania's BrainSTEPS (Strategies Teaching Educators, Parents, and Students) Brain Injury School Re-Entry Consulting Program is in its 10th year of assisting school districts. BrainSTEPS was created by the PA Department of Health and is jointly funded by the PA Department of Health and Department of Education, Bureau of Special Education via the PaTTAN network. The Program is implemented by the Brain Injury Association of PA. We are happy to announce that during Fall 2016, the Colorado Department of Education adopted the BrainSTEPS model for statewide implementation.

Many students return to school with lingering effects that impact classroom performance. BrainSTEPS has been designed to consult with school teams and families in the development and delivery of educational services for students who have experienced any type of acquired brain injury. To date, BrainSTEPS has provided training and consultation to thousands of students and hundreds of schools in Pennsylvania.

Acquired brain injuries include any injury to the brain that is sustained after a period of development and includes all traumatic brain injuries (injury is caused by an external force and includes concussions) and non-traumatic brain injuries (strokes, tumors, seizures, aneurysms, etc.). BrainSTEPS works to not only re-enter students after a new brain injury, but with students previously identified as having a brain injury who may begin to develop educational effects over the years as the brain matures and develops.

BrainSTEPS is

  • Considered a national model for brain injury educational consulting
  • Comprised of 30 statewide consulting teams, consisting of education professionals, medical rehabilitation professionals, and family members
  • All 29 educational Intermediate Units house a BrainSTEPS team
BrainSTEPS teams can:
  • Provide various brain injury presentations to groups from educational, medical, and rehabilitation facilities in the community
  • Consult with schools regarding identification, school re-entry planning, IEP/504 Plan development, intervention selection and implementation, long-term monitoring of students and other issues professionals face in supporting students with brain injury
  • Monitor students annually until graduation for manifestation of new cognitive/behavioral/social issues
  • Access additional support from the statewide Program Coordinator
Additionally, BrainSTEPS has trained over 1,300 Return to Learn Concussion Management Teams in districts across PA to monitor student academics and symptoms for the initial 4-6 weeks of recovery, prior to a BrainSTEPS referral.

To make a student referral to the BrainSTEPS Program, click on "Make a Referral to BrainSTEPS" link at the top of the page.

Brenda Eagan Brown, M.Ed., CBIS
Brain Injury School Re-Entry Program Coordinator
(724) 944-6542

Return to Learn Concussion Management Teams

Pennsylvania is the first state to have trained over 800+ Return to Learn Concussion Teams in school buildings across the state!

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PA schools can set up Concussion Management Teams for Return to Learn!

The Concussion Management (CMT) Formation Registration for all PA Schools is open!
  • Register your CMT Monitors using the registration link on this page
  • CMTs consist of two people: an Academic Monitor and a Symptom Monitor
  • You can form one or more CMTs in your district (one per grade, one per building, etc.)
  • The 3.5 hour CMT Training is now available for your convenience online
  • After you register your CMTs, you will receive information regarding how to access the CMT training
  • Your CMT will receive the BrainSTEPS electronic CMT Toolkit during the training

LEAs: Registration is now open to form your school's Concussion Management Team(s) for the 2nd cohort training  (re-opened 1/22/13). You may form one or more CMTs within your school. You will be notified via email when the CMT training is available to take online in the near future. Thank you!


The CMT training is FREE to all CMTs who register.

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Preschool & Early Intervention and Students with TBI


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